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We are a new organization based on newfound Patient Advocacy rights. We support three actions for all patients. They include:

1. We should be able to view our medical records prior to a medical encounter. 

2. We should be able to view our medical records after a medical encounter.

3. We should have an opportunity to "co-author" what is documented in the History section of our medical record. 

Because these rights are based on federal law, it is up to all medical providers and everyone in the healthcare profession, to respect and accommodate these rights. 

We recommend a guidebook and encourage you to be your own best patient advocate. While the guidebook sets the stage, you will find application to improve your healthcare experience. We believe that a strong patient-provider relationship will deliver high satisfaction and high quality that is cost effective. 

NEW FEATURE – Free Digital Universal PreHistory
free Digital Universal PreHistory

Use this tool to help you or someone else prepare for an upcoming medical encounter. Simply answer questions on this form and an organized email will come to you. You can save or print your PreHistory in order to read and review it. Via print or email, you can give this information to your medical provider in preparation for your next medical encounter. Give it a try!

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Free Audiobook
Patient Advocacy School

Free online training at Patient Advocacy School will show you how to read and correct your health records.
Click Here to go through the training.
Patient Advocacy Show

Patient Advocacy Show will be a YouTube based show that will discuss the training, apply to current healthcare events, and respond to discussion on our Facebook page.

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